Who needs an online store?

Anyone who has the need or concern to do business, preferably to people who want to sell online

What do I need to know before starting an online store?

Our recommendation is to make a simple analysis and document the following:

  1. How many articles do I want to handle? 
    This question is required knowing the volume of https://www.huelvainformacion.es/huelva/Ventajas-utilizar-cepillo-alisador_0_1219978633.html products we can determine the resources required as well as the type application or development. Why since there are hundreds of systems in the market for electronic commerce from the basic to the SAP systems, but everything depends on how much you need or can afford.
  2. Do you have information about your products or services? 
    To start with your store, you need to feed it all the information required by the products, such as: product code, photos, descriptions, technical specifications, manuals, videos, etc. Remember that before buying we want to know all the details of a product and / or service.
  3. Do I want to manage real or virtual stocks?
    You can manage with a real or virtual or mixed stock, everything depends on your business plan
  4. How do you think you make the payment through your online enticement? 
    I always suggest that if they are new start with purchase orders, this is that your store only generates emails with orders to later track your sale, maybe it sounds a bit retrograde but I recommend that they start little by little. Since the Fiscal reforms in Mexico and the policies of the Banks are usually very aggressive for small companies or SMEs. On the other hand, in Mexico, it is quite a bureaucracy for banks to offer points of sale for web or payment terminals via Internet. In some cases, the bank’s staff does not know the procedure or the service, I say this from experience .There are other very efficient payment systems like PayPal. This company specializes in collections through Paypal accounts or credit cards. It is very simple and quick to implement, but nothing is free, they charge a percentage of each transaction made.

What do I need to know before starting an online store?

These are only basic questions to be able to start, our recommendation is:
Let an expert do his work and obtain a professional web development to guarantee the return of his investment and the increase in his profits. Remember to invest in knowledge is never an expense on the contrary always returns. Contact us, telephone advice without commitment.

Classic definition of an online store

An online store (also known as an online store, virtual store or electronic store) refers to a conventional store that uses an Internet website as its main means of conducting transactions.

The sellers of products and services put at the disposal of their clients a website in which they can observe images of the products, read their specifications and finally acquire them. This service gives the customer speed in the purchase, the possibility of doing it from any place at any time. Some online stores include user manuals within the product page so that the customer can give an idea in advance of what they are acquiring; They also include the facility for previous buyers to rate and evaluate the product.

Typically these products are paid by credit card and sent to the customer by mail or transportation agency, although depending on the country and the store there may be other options, such as Paypal.

The vast majority of online stores require the creation of a user on the website from data such as name, address and email. The latter is sometimes used as a means of validation.


A virtual store or Webstore is a website that sells products or services and usually has an online shopping cart associated with it. With the popularity of the Internet there has been a rapid increase in web stores, online shopping has become an advantage for owners of retail stores. In this type of store, people can buy from their homes, having more power as they have a wide variety of alternatives to choose from and do not need to walk long distances to reach other stores.

Being on the Internet, allows to sell to people around the world and although you can make international shipments, for example from the United States to a country in Latin America, it must be taken into account that these international shipments make refunds and warranty claims difficult. increasing costs, except in the case of digital products. In addition, the customs services of each country may demand the payment of additional taxes at the time of dispatching or introducing the products to the respective country.


It has also been of great benefit to many micro, small and medium entrepreneurs since they can have a store open to everyone at a minimal cost compared to the investment that should be made to reach more places with branches.

Normally the web shops have different forms of payment so that the customer can access without problems such as credit card system or payment against delivery, the latter is the payment at the time of delivering the product at the customer’s address, also some occupy the bank transfer.

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