What are you waiting for in the coming year

What are you waiting for in the coming year? Virtual console, I hope. Even more eShop games – it seems that every indie studio in the world has a dedicated team that works on transferring existing titles to the Nintendo store. Nintendo releases Kirby Star allies by the end of March, and the demo I play during breaks in writing seems very promising.

The success of Ubisoft from the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom

Nintendo Labo and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will be in April / May, and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, The World Ends With You: The Final Remix and the yet unnamed Yoshi game will be released sometime in 2018. Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3 and Pokémon the game for all expected Switch not earlier than in 2019 released, but it is not excluded that some of them have a time limit before the first quarter of the year. We hope that we will have a few more surprises waiting for Nintendo before 2018.

In addition, we can also wait many titles from external creators. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes elusive age from Square Enix is ​​high on my peppery list and Square Enix also said that more is in the pipeline for the platform. The success of Ubisoft from the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle means that we can probably expect more titles from this direction, and after passing the first year in the market, it will not be alone. Nintendo and indie developers have kept the calendar release the switch completed during 2017.

The success of Ubisoft from the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom

2018 he feels the year the major game publishers will catch up – with the announcement of new games, if not from starts with them.

Nintendo himself said he hopes the Nintendo Switch will ultimately hand over the Nintendo Wii as the best-selling console in history. Nintendo Wii has so far been sold in more than 101 million units, so it is a high rib. Regardless of whether the company takes control, it seems to me, at least for me, irrelevant. Time can tell if successful consoles in the first year will stay. However, I know, 11 months ago, that I did not like any previous Nintendo console as much as I like the Nintendo Switch.

The game console can not get a much better rating than this one.

The game console can not get a much better rating than this one. The five best Nordic TV games now!

Scandinavians have long been pioneers of many cultural genres – but recently our successes in creating TV and computer games have recently been underlined. Despite the Danish pioneering Hitman series from IO Interactive, launched in 2000. Or world-renowned Battlefield games developed by DICE in Sweden for 15 years. But because the world is increasingly emitting light on television and computer games, Scandinavian companies in this genre shine stronger.

The game console can not get a much better rating than this one.Here are the favorite Nordic games now, without ranking.

Eve Online (IS)

Icelandic space girl Eve Online feels like always. Since its inception in 2003, the game has been updated with over 40 additional packages – which, let’s say, can be compared to a TV series that has released 40 seasons. The game consists of a popular multiplayer RPG game, which is a genre whose world-renowned game is World of Warcraft.

The difference between the two titles is primarily the world in which they take place – but also the opportunities players have to influence their world. Really great players at Eve create giant alliances and fight against others or introduce economic changes that can blow up the entire market in the game.

I just discovered the cosmic world of Eve for a few hours, which is a small potato compared to the time spent by others. But it is a game that is always well read – for example. When a mega-ship, after months of building an alliance, becomes the end of the rival.

Available in Microsoft Windows, macOS.

Cities: skylines (FI)

The colossal order from Tampere in Finland stands behind this game in the „genre of the city builder”, that’s exactly what it sounds like. From a bird’s perspective, the player designs houses, streets, industrial areas, creates bus routes and ensures that the city is responsible for supplying water and electricity so that there is enough – and much, much more.

This genre is most closely related to the SimCity series, but the latest continuation has met with the most negative criticism. It was in the shadow of SimCity’s failure that the Colossal Order developer resisted attempts to try the genre, resulting in Cities: Skylines. The game has become a huge commercial success and I spent countless hours optimizing the metro, planting trees and trying to keep the city residents in a good mood.

Available on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Cities: silhouettes against the sky. Owlboy (NO)

Available in Microsoft Windows, macOS.

Norwegian Owlboy, developed for the entire nine years by the small indie studio in Bergen, is a story-based 2D platform game (think Super Mario). The player can control the flying form of Otus, who through other characters in the game goes through different paths.

Owlboy, who has long been on my playlist, may be most interested in her retro aesthetics, because the developers themselves call her „Hi-Bit”. It resembles games from the 90s in Super Nintendo with graphics 8 and 16 bit, but with the ability to display many more pixels on the screen at the same time. It is difficult to describe, but the picture below can give you an idea of ​​how it looks.

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