The game is quite short

Available on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, Owlboy, Owlboy Inside (DK)

Sam took it for three hours, but I spent my time well.

Inside follows the point and prints the visual narrative message „Show, not tell” when the story of the game is transmitted through the actions of the actor and the dystopian world through which he passes – all without a single dialogue. This limited approach to story telling is also expressed in the game itself, in which players as players can not get any instructions, but are expected to test things to move forward.

  1. Of course, Danish Playdead developers have filled the game with intelligent visual hints on how to solve many Inside puzzles, but without writing players on the nose. 
  2. The game is quite short. Sam took it for three hours, but I spent my time well.
  3. Available on Microsoft Windows, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. As a veteran of television and computer games, I tested many games.
  4. Probably hundreds. That’s why I run few new games and I do not immediately recognize this concept and I just know what to expect. Maybe that’s why I love the completely and completely unique Clustertruck of Swedish Landfall Games.

Sam took it for three hours, but I spent my time well.

The idea is simple. Fifty lorries cross and pass through the mining obstacle field, which causes vehicles to crash, swim and fall into trunks.

As a player, you have no control over the cars. Your task is instead to jump from the perspective of the first person between the shelves, without falling into the ground and not reaching the finish line.

Courses, which are becoming more and more complex, are different thematically and constantly introduce new types of traps to which you risk yourself and your trucks. Your reflexes are tested more and more – and believe me – you will be disappointed again and again.

Anthem: a new music video illustrates the main skills of Strals

The event, broadcast live in Twitch from the last few hours, BioWare revealed some of the skills that we will unlock armor equipment for the heroes Anthem, new GDR-soaked with action elements that the authors of Dragon Age and Mass Effect matter to release at the beginning of next year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

During live events in a 40-minute live stream of colleagues from, they well thought out „dry” in just two minutes of video with unprecedented gameplay scenes, guys in the Canadian Electronic Arts subsidiary showed powers and weapons of the Interceptor class, Storm, Colossus and a guardian, four types of exoskeleton will use to know the world of Anthem, which runs between the main center, Fort Tarshish and many regions that make up this planet a long-term change.

Anthem: a new music video illustrates the main skills of Strals

Anthem: new details on matchmaking, spoils and difficulty levels

Anthem: new details on matchmaking, spoils and difficulty levels

Let’s learn more about BioWare’s multi-player, ambitious science fiction role playing game

Guardian: Multi-target Missile Battery

A multi-purpose guard battery deals damage to a large battlefield area with extreme precision. It is able to hit a large number of moving enemies with guided missiles. As a master of versatility in combat, the Guardian has the ability to allow him a flexible approach to quickly eliminate an overwhelming number of enemies.

Colossus: Siege Cannon

A siege gun is a pure destruction unleashed on the battlefield. This skill allows you to shoot many shots, each of which generates big explosions. It is perfect for cleaning areas from smaller enemies, keeping them in check in the bottleneck, or inflicting additional damage to the boss.

Storm: Elemental Storm

Tempesta’s Tempest calls a monstrous amount of energy to destroy the target area. By manipulating the pure energy of the hymn, Storm emits ice, electricity and fire in a short space of time, ending with meteorites. This skill is perfect for hitting all enemies in a limited area.

Interceptor: Killer’s blades

The interceptor gets overloaded, releases his deadly blades and defeats the enemy with strikes of incredible speed. Any target that suffers from one of these close attacks will be repeatedly hit by the echoes of the first attack for 10 seconds. This is an extremely accurate blow that allows the Interceptor to choose exactly and isolate his targets to deal impressive damage.Guardian: Multi-target Missile Battery

Being the most powerful shots capable of dealing huge damage, it’s best to use them when they have maximum impact on the battlefield. A wasted chance can make the difference between an epic victory and a humiliating defeat. Mastering your ultimate skills is key to releasing the full power of your razor.

Strat Anthem will enter the action on February 22 at the time of the launch of many activities ruolistico BioWare on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To learn more about the game, we can read an interesting interview in early September by the head manufacturer Michael Gamble anticipates several plans that BioWare in Serbia for us with this ambitious project.

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