Poles are increasingly buying online

Every year more and more companies and consumers use the Internet to purchase goods. As a result, electronic Commerce (e-commerce) has become one of the most important elements in the movement of the economy of European countries, including Poland, – reports „Polska Daily”.

According to the company, Capacity, last year the Polish e-commerce market belonged to the fastest growing in Europe. Its growth was more than SORIANOTICIAS 20 percent. At this rate, of course, e-Commerce will systematically increase its share in gross domestic product.

Another very important trend we are seeing is the growing role of multi-channel sales (omnihandel) in retail. According to Sofort experts, store owners are increasingly realizing that reaching out to customers through various interconnected channels can yield better results.

From the study it follows that the poles on online shopping resemble transaction hunters, they pay attention primarily to the price. 80%. buyers compare prices for products. Poles are increasingly buying online

Online complaints work the same way as in stores
Buying goods online, You have the right to complain about the same rules as when shopping, made permanently. If the item is defective, you can contact the seller within two years from the date of release of the item. This rule applies to all countries of the European Union.

For purchases in the US or China, the situation is less favorable for Polish consumers. For example, products from the United States usually have a limited warranty only in the United States. In turn, in the case of China, the warranty may require the return of the damaged product to Your Home.

Parcels do not need to be opened by courier
Checking the parcel by courier is not mandatory. However, this can help in further investigation of claims, for example, when it turns out that it is damaged during transportation.

Look at the goods from China, and buy from an intermediary

Buying products from Asia, it is necessary to make sure that you do not use the services of an intermediary. There are many online stores that offer goods from Asia (mostly electronics) at definitely lower prices, simultaneously explaining that they are not a seller, returning in case of consumer problems to suppliers from Asia. To protect yourself from the practice of so-called dropshipping, you should check whether the seller’s regulations contain such formulations as, for example, dropshipping.:

  1. the seller of goods from Asia
  2. the client is the importer of goods pays a duty celno-Treasury
  3. the supplier purchases the goods on behalf of the customer from the contractor
  4. our warehouse is located in Singapore
  5. a store is a trading platform associated with a buyer and supplier.
  6. for reasons beyond the control of the seller, the period may be extended to 40 working days.

Sometimes you have to reckon with duties and VAT

When shopping outside the country, you need to consider the possibility of additional costs. When you buy in stores located in the EU, you do not pay duties, and the amount of VAT will likely already be included in the price of the goods. Otherwise, when we make purchases, such as in the US or Asia, then we may charge such fees as only customs duty, VAT or other processing fees.

Exempt from duty are shipments containing goods worth up to 150 euros per parcel. Since this release, however, perfumes, tobacco and alcohol have been turned off. In this case, you can therefore expect to receive a notification from Customs by mail. After checking the cargo, UC will charge a possible fee, which can be paid at the postman or at the post office. For non-EU shipments, VAT of 23 percent may also be charged. from the value of the item. Do not pay it if the goods cost less than 45 euros, and the parcel was Packed as a gift.

Sometimes you have to reckon with duties and VAT

Check other customers ‚ feedback
It is worth checking the information about a particular seller and product on the Internet forums, in price comparisons or in social networks. You can also ask your friends or use the services of your store, and what they think about it. It is also worth checking that the store has some certificates indicating its integrity, for example, „Trusted Shops” or „Honest Company”.

Look carefully at the website
It is also important to pay attention to what we find on the website of the online store where you want to make a purchase. Already common mistakes stylistic, spelling, and disproportion in the content system should arouse our suspicions.

Here’s what else should draw our attention:

  • Contacts – in this tab, the seller must specify their basic data: name, address, phone number and email address.
  • Conditions – in the first paragraphs should be the registration data of the business or company. What is in the store is in Russian, and the domain name has an end.”ru”, does not mean that we are dealing with a Polish seller.
  • Consumer rights – the site should be posted information about the basic rights of the consumer – almost terminate the contract and almost for reclamation.
  • Payment method – if the payment option is a foreign Express transfer or payment to the account of an individual, you can with a high probability assume that this is not a reliable store.
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