Poles are increasingly buying online

Every year more and more companies and consumers use the Internet to purchase goods. As a result, electronic Commerce (e-commerce) has become one of the most important elements in the movement of the economy of European countries, including Poland, – reports „Polska Daily”.

According to the company, Capacity, last year the Polish e-commerce market belonged to the fastest growing in Europe. Its growth was more than SORIANOTICIAS 20 percent. At this rate, of course, e-Commerce will systematically increase its share in gross domestic product.

Another very important trend we are seeing is the growing role of multi-channel sales (omnihandel) in retail. According to Sofort experts, store owners are increasingly realizing that reaching out to customers through various interconnected channels can yield better results.

From the study it follows that the poles on online shopping resemble transaction hunters, they pay attention primarily to the price. 80%. buyers compare prices for products. Poles are increasingly buying online

Online complaints work the same way as in stores
Buying goods online, You have the right to complain about the same rules as when shopping, made permanently. If the item is defective, you can contact the seller within two years from the date of release of the item. This rule applies to all countries of the European Union.

For purchases in the US or China, the situation is less favorable for Polish consumers. For example, products from the United States usually have a limited warranty only in the United States. In turn, in the case of China, the warranty may require the return of the damaged product to Your Home.

Parcels do not need to be opened by courier
Checking the parcel by courier is not mandatory. However, this can help in further investigation of claims, for example, when it turns out that it is damaged during transportation.

Look at the goods from China, and buy from an intermediary

Buying products from Asia, it is necessary to make sure that you do not use the services of an intermediary. There are many online stores that offer goods from Asia (mostly electronics) at definitely lower prices, simultaneously explaining that they are not a seller, returning in case of consumer problems to suppliers from Asia. To protect yourself from the practice of so-called dropshipping, you should check whether the seller’s regulations contain such formulations as, for example, dropshipping.:

  1. the seller of goods from Asia
  2. the client is the importer of goods pays a duty celno-Treasury
  3. the supplier purchases the goods on behalf of the customer from the contractor
  4. our warehouse is located in Singapore
  5. a store is a trading platform associated with a buyer and supplier.
  6. for reasons beyond the control of the seller, the period may be extended to 40 working days.

Sometimes you have to reckon with duties and VAT

When shopping outside the country, you need to consider the possibility of additional costs. When you buy in stores located in the EU, you do not pay duties, and the amount of VAT will likely already be included in the price of the goods. Otherwise, when we make purchases, such as in the US or Asia, then we may charge such fees as only customs duty, VAT or other processing fees.

Exempt from duty are shipments containing goods worth up to 150 euros per parcel. Since this release, however, perfumes, tobacco and alcohol have been turned off. In this case, you can therefore expect to receive a notification from Customs by mail. After checking the cargo, UC will charge a possible fee, which can be paid at the postman or at the post office. For non-EU shipments, VAT of 23 percent may also be charged. from the value of the item. Do not pay it if the goods cost less than 45 euros, and the parcel was Packed as a gift.

Sometimes you have to reckon with duties and VAT

Check other customers ‚ feedback
It is worth checking the information about a particular seller and product on the Internet forums, in price comparisons or in social networks. You can also ask your friends or use the services of your store, and what they think about it. It is also worth checking that the store has some certificates indicating its integrity, for example, „Trusted Shops” or „Honest Company”.

Look carefully at the website
It is also important to pay attention to what we find on the website of the online store where you want to make a purchase. Already common mistakes stylistic, spelling, and disproportion in the content system should arouse our suspicions.

Here’s what else should draw our attention:

  • Contacts – in this tab, the seller must specify their basic data: name, address, phone number and email address.
  • Conditions – in the first paragraphs should be the registration data of the business or company. What is in the store is in Russian, and the domain name has an end.”ru”, does not mean that we are dealing with a Polish seller.
  • Consumer rights – the site should be posted information about the basic rights of the consumer – almost terminate the contract and almost for reclamation.
  • Payment method – if the payment option is a foreign Express transfer or payment to the account of an individual, you can with a high probability assume that this is not a reliable store.

Who needs an online store?

Anyone who has the need or concern to do business, preferably to people who want to sell online

What do I need to know before starting an online store?

Our recommendation is to make a simple analysis and document the following:

  1. How many articles do I want to handle? 
    This question is required knowing the volume of https://www.huelvainformacion.es/huelva/Ventajas-utilizar-cepillo-alisador_0_1219978633.html products we can determine the resources required as well as the type application or development. Why since there are hundreds of systems in the market for electronic commerce from the basic to the SAP systems, but everything depends on how much you need or can afford.
  2. Do you have information about your products or services? 
    To start with your store, you need to feed it all the information required by the products, such as: product code, photos, descriptions, technical specifications, manuals, videos, etc. Remember that before buying we want to know all the details of a product and / or service.
  3. Do I want to manage real or virtual stocks?
    You can manage with a real or virtual or mixed stock, everything depends on your business plan
  4. How do you think you make the payment through your online enticement? 
    I always suggest that if they are new start with purchase orders, this is that your store only generates emails with orders to later track your sale, maybe it sounds a bit retrograde but I recommend that they start little by little. Since the Fiscal reforms in Mexico and the policies of the Banks are usually very aggressive for small companies or SMEs. On the other hand, in Mexico, it is quite a bureaucracy for banks to offer points of sale for web or payment terminals via Internet. In some cases, the bank’s staff does not know the procedure or the service, I say this from experience .There are other very efficient payment systems like PayPal. This company specializes in collections through Paypal accounts or credit cards. It is very simple and quick to implement, but nothing is free, they charge a percentage of each transaction made.

What do I need to know before starting an online store?

These are only basic questions to be able to start, our recommendation is:
Let an expert do his work and obtain a professional web development to guarantee the return of his investment and the increase in his profits. Remember to invest in knowledge is never an expense on the contrary always returns. Contact us, telephone advice without commitment.

Classic definition of an online store

An online store (also known as an online store, virtual store or electronic store) refers to a conventional store that uses an Internet website as its main means of conducting transactions.

The sellers of products and services put at the disposal of their clients a website in which they can observe images of the products, read their specifications and finally acquire them. This service gives the customer speed in the purchase, the possibility of doing it from any place at any time. Some online stores include user manuals within the product page so that the customer can give an idea in advance of what they are acquiring; They also include the facility for previous buyers to rate and evaluate the product.

Typically these products are paid by credit card and sent to the customer by mail or transportation agency, although depending on the country and the store there may be other options, such as Paypal.

The vast majority of online stores require the creation of a user on the website from data such as name, address and email. The latter is sometimes used as a means of validation.


A virtual store or Webstore is a website that sells products or services and usually has an online shopping cart associated with it. With the popularity of the Internet there has been a rapid increase in web stores, online shopping has become an advantage for owners of retail stores. In this type of store, people can buy from their homes, having more power as they have a wide variety of alternatives to choose from and do not need to walk long distances to reach other stores.

Being on the Internet, allows to sell to people around the world and although you can make international shipments, for example from the United States to a country in Latin America, it must be taken into account that these international shipments make refunds and warranty claims difficult. increasing costs, except in the case of digital products. In addition, the customs services of each country may demand the payment of additional taxes at the time of dispatching or introducing the products to the respective country.


It has also been of great benefit to many micro, small and medium entrepreneurs since they can have a store open to everyone at a minimal cost compared to the investment that should be made to reach more places with branches.

Normally the web shops have different forms of payment so that the customer can access without problems such as credit card system or payment against delivery, the latter is the payment at the time of delivering the product at the customer’s address, also some occupy the bank transfer.

Best tablet for special needs child

Best tablet for special needs child

In light of recent studies, it turns out that children with autism who have speech problems can get this ability at a later stage of development than previously thought, and in this process will help them ipad. As experts say, these devices facilitate the sick study of words and the Constitution of simple sentences.

Best tablet for kids with autism

In a study sponsored by Autism Speaks, Ann Kaiser of Vanderbilt University Peabody College noted that speech-creating tablet for autistic child are able to help develop this ability in children with autism. Children between the ages of 5 and 8 who have used these technical inventions learn more words than as a result of other intervention actions. All the young people involved in the study have mastered the pronunciation of new words, and some of them have started to build short sentences. According to experts, this approach helps children to create a strong, positive relationship with parents, teachers and peers.

For many parents it was the first opportunity to talk to their child, – Kaiser speaks. With the spread of tablets, this form of communication may become possible for more autistic children and their families.

Devices that facilitate communication (using symbols, gestures, photos and generating speech) were used by persons with vision problems from decades. Now, thanks to the universal availability of apps that mimic these devices, it’s easier, cheaper and more accessible to help autistic children who have communication problems. Moreover, iPads reflect less stigma on the faces of patients who rely on them to interact with other students, teachers, and friends.

Best tablet for autism

The way speech-generating devices help patients in the development of spoken language is simple. When a word is pronounced, each time it sounds slightly different, and individual words merge and acquire different acoustic characteristics in different contexts, Kaiser explains. Every time the iPad says a word, it sounds exactly like it’s important for autistic children who need everything around them to be as consistent as possible.Best tablet for autismEvery third child with autism at school age can say only a few words. Earlier, experts suggested that if a young man does not start talking about 5-6 years, most likely, he has not mastered the spoken language. However, based on the positive results, Kaiser believes that the latest research will help to change this opinion.

Based on his discovery, Kaiser began a 5-year study aimed at determining the effectiveness of teaching methods naturalistic and direct using best tablet for kids with autism with minimal spoken language resources. In the direct method, children are taught the basic skills necessary for communication, such as matching objects, fine imitation and verbal imitation, and communication skills, for example, requests for specific items. During the lessons, the adult partner can introduce 5-10 subsequent methods of using the tablet to the child in order to ask for a specific subject. During the presentation the child is recommended to use the ipad. If you are unable to use the equipment yourself, get physical help.

In a naturalistic approach, an adult demonstrates the use of a tablet while talking or playing https://windsorstar.com/opinion/how-tablets-are-helping-children-with-autism-and-learning-disabilities. Also teaches to use gestures in communication, games with objects, sacrificing attention to the partner during the game and the sequence of statements, in the conversation mode. This method is associated with a limited number of incentives to use the ipad in order to select, comment or ask for best tablet for special needs child.

Tablet for kids with autism

Tablet for kids with autismIs a tablet and a child the harmful connection? Not always. Krakow DrOmnibus proves that the best tablet for autism can significantly improve the effectiveness of therapy in children with disorders. Almost the entire team of the Krakow company DrOmninus once started with volunteer work. Most often in favor of children with disabilities. The conclusion was one-widely used treatments are not effective enough. Why? Because they’re just boring and monotonous. But if not to have kids, it is difficult to count on good results.

The search for the idea coincided with reports on the results of tablet for kids with autism research by foreign scientists who began to observe the impact of technological innovations on the therapy of children with autism. Researchers at the University of California have even found that supporting therapy and education using a tablet can increase their effectiveness by up to 26%. in the field of communication skills of children.

Despite fairly widespread concerns about the children play with the tablet, the findings moved by themselves. Since there were no such tools in Poland, we gathered a team and together with experts began to work on the creation of educational games that can be used in the treatment of children with autism, down syndrome or cerebral palsy – says bogumila Matushevskaya, President of Dromnibus.

They develop a variety of skills

They develop a variety of skills

Matuszewska is a graduate of Polish Philology at the Jagiellonian University, so in creating the games were also attended by a number of psychologists and therapists, and the essential partner of the project was the Krakow Fund Hipotherapy for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities. In 2014. it was succeeded and the platform with 10 educational games from Dromnibus came to the market.

Each of them is responsible for the development of another skill in the child, for example, the recognition of emotions, differentiation, classification or sound identification, – explains Matuszewska. All tablet for autistic child games are aimed at children of preschool age, which, however, does not mean a certain age. – Metric age does not necessarily reflect the stage of development of the child, – he adds.

In addition to the games themselves, the platform also has several other features. By the way, a progress tracking system and an organizer for the therapist. Best tablet for special needs child allows you to accurately plan therapy, as well as associate success with the parent.

Therapy and education

Therapy and educationAs Matuszewska emphasizes, the form of therapy support by their product that makes the child not only develops but also entertains. He participates, and the therapy itself becomes a reward, not just an unpleasant duty. It can well to test, on vacation, during which children often have to reckon with the interruption of therapy. And for them, a two-month break can mean the loss of not two, but even four or five months of training.

– Continuity of therapy in children with behavioral and developmental disorders, the basis, because any success can be very easily and quickly lost, – emphasizes Matuszewska. In this case, a tablet for kids with autism with well-known games can not only temporarily replace numerous tutorials, but also help to find yourself in a new situation. Because changing the environment also happens in children with autism is very difficult.

– This does not mean that the tablets have access to everything. As with other new technologies, the most important is a healthy moderation-says the inventor of Domninus.

The most important Gwilia feature of this type of game

It can not be said that each computer game is the same evil. Just use reasonably with the entertainment they provide. They can help you develop different skills. In the education of a child, educational games can be used to help him learn about the world around us.

The game can be a good way to communicate content in the fields of economics, mathematics, logic or management. Strategic games develop planning skills, make decisions, consistently implement them, and consider future consequences. Logic and adventure games shape matching skills and logical thinking.

Having a heavy depression attack, she began to play the simple game

Each game, on the other hand, improves perception skills and enriches the imagination in general. Games also contribute to improving reflexes and visual-motor coordination. In the United States, research into the use of computer games in the treatment of depression has even begun. It started with the history of Gale Nichols. Having a heavy depression attack, she began to Gwilia play the simple game „Bejeweld”, which consists of stacking crystals according to their color.

  • It turned out that the game helps her to survive the hard times and improves her mood.
  • Finally, Nichols contacted the game producer, PopCap, and described her story.
  • The producer was surprised and intrigued at the same time.
  • So studies have been commissioned on the positive impact of games on the human psyche.
  • The first research, funded by PopCap, showed that volunteers playing in „Bejeweled” reported improvement in mood and regulation of heart rhythm, in contrast to people who did not play it.

There was a hypothesis that the benign influence of computer games is related to the fact that a man in a modern, computerized society, in which life goes on in rush, he can not „turn off”. We are constantly vigilant, constantly on the move, and this causes constant stress.

For this we get bored quickly. Scientists suspect that some computer games provide specific challenges that can take care of such a person and provide him with a relative quietness, which has a soothing effect on his psyche.

Some games Gwilia have different function

As you can see, computer games are like almost everything that a human will create. They are not bad in themselves. However, you need to use them wisely and with confidence. The computer can not replace common sense.

Some games Gwilia have different functionDo not forget too about the great role of parents. If a 9-year-old child gets a game full of brutality, which is shown with almost surgical precision, should we complain to the producers of the game, or to parents? Video games are computer software for entertainment purposes. In the form of adapting the game to the computer using different languages.

To write in accordance with the guidelines of the creator of the game. How to create a virtual reality. Or it will create graphics. Media with realistic visual techniques using animated images.

The general characteristics of computer games are: This is a simulation for the player to solve the problem. There will be rules. The goal is different in every game. Types of gaming software. Although today’s game software has evolved over time. Many games use strange Gwilia concepts to play or combine many types of games. Novelty. But we can also divide the category into large categories.

Action games. The action game is a type of game that uses the direction and action of the characters in the game. Go to the top of the page. It’s a simple game. Suitable for people of all ages, such as Mario Rockman, for action games containing violent content that are not suitable for children.

Most often, players focus on one page Gwilia on the other

Some games have different functions. Add to the fun of the game to become a new game. First Person Shooter is an action game that allows the player to play a role from a character’s perspective. Then fight through the control points.

The most important feature of this type of game is that everything happens through the eyes of all players, players will not see themselves.

This type of game usually focuses on the action being taken. And focus on the player’s mood and realistic sense. This type of game is often a brutal game. Popular games like Half-Life, Doom, Crysis, Battlefield, Brother in Arms. Third Person Shooter is a similar action game for First Person Shooter, but it is similar to the one in which the player takes a view from the back of the character. This type of game often focuses on traffic. Because players can see control characters.

Most often, players focus on one page Gwilia on the other

And these types of games often have puzzles in the game, occasionally, sporadically, such as jigsaws, jigsaws or puzzles. (Or it may not be based on the nature of the game). Grand Te Auto, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Splinter Cell. Platformer is a basic action game. Place the scene on the space of size. And let the player go through the game to get Dana.

Most often, players focus on one page Gwilia on the other. Usually 2 games. Dimensions and controls are just left and right. These popular games are Kirby, Contra, Metal Trench. The game based on Stealth is a game unrelated to the action. Use this trick to trick or steal an enemy through obstacles.

This type of game is also a branch

This type of game requires a lot of patience and you can read it. The enemy’s movement. The hero is not as strong as the first-person shooter and does not have enough combat strength. However, many games have introduced features. Stealth games are also added to the game.

  1. Tenchu, Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell. Action Adventure Game is a action-packed game that combines puzzles and collecting items such as adventure games. Some games also include RPG games. This type of game is also a branch.
  2. Survival / Horror Which will take the horror scenario that will allow the player to survive or die. This type of popular games are: Resident Evil, ICO, Shadow of the Colosseum. Role-playing games. Role-Playing Game or RPG (RPG) or popularly known as language games.

A game created on a computer role-playing game. During the first RPG game in English or Japanese, which requires. Use the language skills to play. This type of game determines the player in the fictional world.

The game is not focused on Gwilia strength

And let players play a character in the world, and then an adventure based on the story given by the level of character development. (Experience – experience) Collect money, buy weapons, equipment, when you have more adventures and defeat the worst enemy in the game.

The game is not focused on strength. RPG is divided into two main aspects.

The game is not focused on Gwilia strengthComputer RPG is a computer-based RPG game. The most important event of this type of game is usually not a story. Focuses on enabling players to create free characters, and then on adventures in the game world. RPG games are often RPG games in Western countries.

This type of game has a very high repetition value. Because players can restore and play the character as you like. The most popular games are Diablo, The Elder Scrolls, Titan Quest.

 The game is quite short

Available on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, Owlboy, Owlboy Inside (DK)

Sam took it for three hours, but I spent my time well.

Inside follows the point and prints the visual narrative message „Show, not tell” when the story of the game is transmitted through the actions of the actor and the dystopian world through which he passes – all without a single dialogue. This limited approach to story telling is also expressed in the game itself, in which players as players can not get any instructions, but are expected to test things to move forward.

  1. Of course, Danish Playdead developers have filled the game with intelligent visual hints on how to solve many Inside puzzles, but without writing players on the nose. 
  2. The game is quite short. Sam took it for three hours, but I spent my time well.
  3. Available on Microsoft Windows, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. As a veteran of television and computer games, I tested many games.
  4. Probably hundreds. That’s why I run few new games and I do not immediately recognize this concept and I just know what to expect. Maybe that’s why I love the completely and completely unique Clustertruck of Swedish Landfall Games.

Sam took it for three hours, but I spent my time well.

The idea is simple. Fifty lorries cross and pass through the mining obstacle field, which causes vehicles to crash, swim and fall into trunks.

As a player, you have no control over the cars. Your task is instead to jump from the perspective of the first person between the shelves, without falling into the ground and not reaching the finish line.

Courses, which are becoming more and more complex, are different thematically and constantly introduce new types of traps to which you risk yourself and your trucks. Your reflexes are tested more and more – and believe me – you will be disappointed again and again.

Anthem: a new music video illustrates the main skills of Strals

The event, broadcast live in Twitch from the last few hours, BioWare revealed some of the skills that we will unlock armor equipment for the heroes Anthem, new GDR-soaked with action elements that the authors of Dragon Age and Mass Effect matter to release at the beginning of next year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

During live events in a 40-minute live stream of colleagues from IGN.com, they well thought out „dry” in just two minutes of video with unprecedented gameplay scenes, guys in the Canadian Electronic Arts subsidiary showed powers and weapons of the Interceptor class, Storm, Colossus and a guardian, four types of exoskeleton will use to know the world of Anthem, which runs between the main center, Fort Tarshish and many regions that make up this planet a long-term change.

Anthem: a new music video illustrates the main skills of Strals

Anthem: new details on matchmaking, spoils and difficulty levels

Anthem: new details on matchmaking, spoils and difficulty levels

Let’s learn more about BioWare’s multi-player, ambitious science fiction role playing game

Guardian: Multi-target Missile Battery

A multi-purpose guard battery deals damage to a large battlefield area with extreme precision. It is able to hit a large number of moving enemies with guided missiles. As a master of versatility in combat, the Guardian has the ability to allow him a flexible approach to quickly eliminate an overwhelming number of enemies.

Colossus: Siege Cannon

A siege gun is a pure destruction unleashed on the battlefield. This skill allows you to shoot many shots, each of which generates big explosions. It is perfect for cleaning areas from smaller enemies, keeping them in check in the bottleneck, or inflicting additional damage to the boss.

Storm: Elemental Storm

Tempesta’s Tempest calls a monstrous amount of energy to destroy the target area. By manipulating the pure energy of the hymn, Storm emits ice, electricity and fire in a short space of time, ending with meteorites. This skill is perfect for hitting all enemies in a limited area.

Interceptor: Killer’s blades

The interceptor gets overloaded, releases his deadly blades and defeats the enemy with strikes of incredible speed. Any target that suffers from one of these close attacks will be repeatedly hit by the echoes of the first attack for 10 seconds. This is an extremely accurate blow that allows the Interceptor to choose exactly and isolate his targets to deal impressive damage.Guardian: Multi-target Missile Battery

Being the most powerful shots capable of dealing huge damage, it’s best to use them when they have maximum impact on the battlefield. A wasted chance can make the difference between an epic victory and a humiliating defeat. Mastering your ultimate skills is key to releasing the full power of your razor.

Strat Anthem will enter the action on February 22 at the time of the launch of many activities ruolistico BioWare on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To learn more about the game, we can read an interesting interview in early September by the head manufacturer Michael Gamble anticipates several plans that BioWare in Serbia for us with this ambitious project.

What are you waiting for in the coming year

What are you waiting for in the coming year? Virtual console, I hope. Even more eShop games – it seems that every indie studio in the world has a dedicated team that works on transferring existing titles to the Nintendo store. Nintendo releases Kirby Star allies by the end of March, and the demo I play during breaks in writing seems very promising.

The success of Ubisoft from the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom

Nintendo Labo and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will be in April / May, and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, The World Ends With You: The Final Remix and the yet unnamed Yoshi game will be released sometime in 2018. Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3 and Pokémon the game for all expected Switch not earlier than in 2019 released, but it is not excluded that some of them have a time limit before the first quarter of the year. We hope that we will have a few more surprises waiting for Nintendo before 2018.

In addition, we can also wait many titles from external creators. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes elusive age from Square Enix is ​​high on my peppery list and Square Enix also said that more is in the pipeline for the platform. The success of Ubisoft from the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle means that we can probably expect more titles from this direction, and after passing the first year in the market, it will not be alone. Nintendo and indie developers have kept the calendar release the switch completed during 2017.

The success of Ubisoft from the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom

2018 he feels the year the major game publishers will catch up – with the announcement of new games, if not from starts with them.

Nintendo himself said he hopes the Nintendo Switch will ultimately hand over the Nintendo Wii as the best-selling console in history. Nintendo Wii has so far been sold in more than 101 million units, so it is a high rib. Regardless of whether the company takes control, it seems to me, at least for me, irrelevant. Time can tell if successful consoles in the first year will stay. However, I know, 11 months ago, that I did not like any previous Nintendo console as much as I like the Nintendo Switch.

The game console can not get a much better rating than this one.

The game console can not get a much better rating than this one. The five best Nordic TV games now!

Scandinavians have long been pioneers of many cultural genres – but recently our successes in creating TV and computer games have recently been underlined. Despite the Danish pioneering Hitman series from IO Interactive, launched in 2000. Or world-renowned Battlefield games developed by DICE in Sweden for 15 years. But because the world is increasingly emitting light on television and computer games, Scandinavian companies in this genre shine stronger.

The game console can not get a much better rating than this one.Here are the favorite Nordic games now, without ranking.

Eve Online (IS)

Icelandic space girl Eve Online feels like always. Since its inception in 2003, the game has been updated with over 40 additional packages – which, let’s say, can be compared to a TV series that has released 40 seasons. The game consists of a popular multiplayer RPG game, which is a genre whose world-renowned game is World of Warcraft.

The difference between the two titles is primarily the world in which they take place – but also the opportunities players have to influence their world. Really great players at Eve create giant alliances and fight against others or introduce economic changes that can blow up the entire market in the game.

I just discovered the cosmic world of Eve for a few hours, which is a small potato compared to the time spent by others. But it is a game that is always well read – for example. When a mega-ship, after months of building an alliance, becomes the end of the rival.

Available in Microsoft Windows, macOS.

Cities: skylines (FI)

The colossal order from Tampere in Finland stands behind this game in the „genre of the city builder”, that’s exactly what it sounds like. From a bird’s perspective, the player designs houses, streets, industrial areas, creates bus routes and ensures that the city is responsible for supplying water and electricity so that there is enough – and much, much more.

This genre is most closely related to the SimCity series, but the latest continuation has met with the most negative criticism. It was in the shadow of SimCity’s failure that the Colossal Order developer resisted attempts to try the genre, resulting in Cities: Skylines. The game has become a huge commercial success and I spent countless hours optimizing the metro, planting trees and trying to keep the city residents in a good mood.

Available on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Cities: silhouettes against the sky. Owlboy (NO)

Available in Microsoft Windows, macOS.

Norwegian Owlboy, developed for the entire nine years by the small indie studio in Bergen, is a story-based 2D platform game (think Super Mario). The player can control the flying form of Otus, who through other characters in the game goes through different paths.

Owlboy, who has long been on my playlist, may be most interested in her retro aesthetics, because the developers themselves call her „Hi-Bit”. It resembles games from the 90s in Super Nintendo with graphics 8 and 16 bit, but with the ability to display many more pixels on the screen at the same time. It is difficult to describe, but the picture below can give you an idea of ​​how it looks.