Best tablet for special needs child

Best tablet for special needs child

In light of recent studies, it turns out that children with autism who have speech problems can get this ability at a later stage of development than previously thought, and in this process will help them ipad. As experts say, these devices facilitate the sick study of words and the Constitution of simple sentences.

Best tablet for kids with autism

In a study sponsored by Autism Speaks, Ann Kaiser of Vanderbilt University Peabody College noted that speech-creating tablet for autistic child are able to help develop this ability in children with autism. Children between the ages of 5 and 8 who have used these technical inventions learn more words than as a result of other intervention actions. All the young people involved in the study have mastered the pronunciation of new words, and some of them have started to build short sentences. According to experts, this approach helps children to create a strong, positive relationship with parents, teachers and peers.

For many parents it was the first opportunity to talk to their child, – Kaiser speaks. With the spread of tablets, this form of communication may become possible for more autistic children and their families.

Devices that facilitate communication (using symbols, gestures, photos and generating speech) were used by persons with vision problems from decades. Now, thanks to the universal availability of apps that mimic these devices, it’s easier, cheaper and more accessible to help autistic children who have communication problems. Moreover, iPads reflect less stigma on the faces of patients who rely on them to interact with other students, teachers, and friends.

Best tablet for autism

The way speech-generating devices help patients in the development of spoken language is simple. When a word is pronounced, each time it sounds slightly different, and individual words merge and acquire different acoustic characteristics in different contexts, Kaiser explains. Every time the iPad says a word, it sounds exactly like it’s important for autistic children who need everything around them to be as consistent as possible.Best tablet for autismEvery third child with autism at school age can say only a few words. Earlier, experts suggested that if a young man does not start talking about 5-6 years, most likely, he has not mastered the spoken language. However, based on the positive results, Kaiser believes that the latest research will help to change this opinion.

Based on his discovery, Kaiser began a 5-year study aimed at determining the effectiveness of teaching methods naturalistic and direct using best tablet for kids with autism with minimal spoken language resources. In the direct method, children are taught the basic skills necessary for communication, such as matching objects, fine imitation and verbal imitation, and communication skills, for example, requests for specific items. During the lessons, the adult partner can introduce 5-10 subsequent methods of using the tablet to the child in order to ask for a specific subject. During the presentation the child is recommended to use the ipad. If you are unable to use the equipment yourself, get physical help.

In a naturalistic approach, an adult demonstrates the use of a tablet while talking or playing Also teaches to use gestures in communication, games with objects, sacrificing attention to the partner during the game and the sequence of statements, in the conversation mode. This method is associated with a limited number of incentives to use the ipad in order to select, comment or ask for best tablet for special needs child.

Tablet for kids with autism

Tablet for kids with autismIs a tablet and a child the harmful connection? Not always. Krakow DrOmnibus proves that the best tablet for autism can significantly improve the effectiveness of therapy in children with disorders. Almost the entire team of the Krakow company DrOmninus once started with volunteer work. Most often in favor of children with disabilities. The conclusion was one-widely used treatments are not effective enough. Why? Because they’re just boring and monotonous. But if not to have kids, it is difficult to count on good results.

The search for the idea coincided with reports on the results of tablet for kids with autism research by foreign scientists who began to observe the impact of technological innovations on the therapy of children with autism. Researchers at the University of California have even found that supporting therapy and education using a tablet can increase their effectiveness by up to 26%. in the field of communication skills of children.

Despite fairly widespread concerns about the children play with the tablet, the findings moved by themselves. Since there were no such tools in Poland, we gathered a team and together with experts began to work on the creation of educational games that can be used in the treatment of children with autism, down syndrome or cerebral palsy – says bogumila Matushevskaya, President of Dromnibus.

They develop a variety of skills

They develop a variety of skills

Matuszewska is a graduate of Polish Philology at the Jagiellonian University, so in creating the games were also attended by a number of psychologists and therapists, and the essential partner of the project was the Krakow Fund Hipotherapy for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities. In 2014. it was succeeded and the platform with 10 educational games from Dromnibus came to the market.

Each of them is responsible for the development of another skill in the child, for example, the recognition of emotions, differentiation, classification or sound identification, – explains Matuszewska. All tablet for autistic child games are aimed at children of preschool age, which, however, does not mean a certain age. – Metric age does not necessarily reflect the stage of development of the child, – he adds.

In addition to the games themselves, the platform also has several other features. By the way, a progress tracking system and an organizer for the therapist. Best tablet for special needs child allows you to accurately plan therapy, as well as associate success with the parent.

Therapy and education

Therapy and educationAs Matuszewska emphasizes, the form of therapy support by their product that makes the child not only develops but also entertains. He participates, and the therapy itself becomes a reward, not just an unpleasant duty. It can well to test, on vacation, during which children often have to reckon with the interruption of therapy. And for them, a two-month break can mean the loss of not two, but even four or five months of training.

– Continuity of therapy in children with behavioral and developmental disorders, the basis, because any success can be very easily and quickly lost, – emphasizes Matuszewska. In this case, a tablet for kids with autism with well-known games can not only temporarily replace numerous tutorials, but also help to find yourself in a new situation. Because changing the environment also happens in children with autism is very difficult.

– This does not mean that the tablets have access to everything. As with other new technologies, the most important is a healthy moderation-says the inventor of Domninus.

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